Silent Teachers


Outside a hospital:


This security guard’s duty is to instruct people to remove their shoes.

Why he was arranging shoes in the rack?

“Sir, this seat is my office and I want to sit in neat office.”

He also greets worried visitors with a reassuring ‘Everything will be fine, your patients will soon go home with you.’

In all likelihood he would not have had the benefit of any level of schooling.



Source: Adopted from facebook.com/groups/101024580247213/ posted by Gautham Iyengar (here)

from the drawing-rooms!

Goes by the name ‘Art’.

Be warned it can transform the ordinary (and the ugly).

Manhole Covers

Manhole Covers In Japan



Source: From Irene Au at medium.com/design-your-life/design-and-the-self-a5670a000fee







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Source A satirical cartoon by John Holcroft

At least to me, it’s new. Never thought the joke could be on us, not about someone from south-of-boondocks as I had imagined.

A policeman sees a drunk staring at the ground beneath a streetlight. “What are you doing?” the cop asks.

“Looking for my keys.” says the drunk. “I dropped them in the dark alley over there.”

“Then why are you over here?” asks the policeman, confused.

“Because the light’s so much better over here.”

The streetlights are our controlled environments where we look for answers —labs, classrooms, fixed timetables, and clear metrics. But things are more fluid in the real world. For that we need to rely more on tacit knowledge from our experience




Source: conversationagent.com/2016/07/striving-for-conciseness-and-clarity.html while talking about ‘Streetlights and Shadows: Searching for the Keys to Adaptive Decision Making’, a book by research psychologist Gary Klein, a pioneer in naturalistic decision making.



And for professionals in HR and Recruitment too!



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Ingenious Solution…

for the local farmers to save their cattle!

Reminds me of the reported use some time ago of pre-recorded tiger’s roar to drive stray elephants back in to the forests and save the crops from damage.

Brit Scientist

A British scientist Dr Neil Jordan believes if he can stop African lions killing farmers’ cattle, then farmers will stop killing the endangered lions. ‘Farmers currently have very few effective tools to prevent this devastating lion-livestock conflict. Unfortunately shooting or poisoning predators is not only used as a last resort, farmers often feel it is their only resort,’ Dr Jordan said.

The conservation biologist, who works with the University of New South Wales and Taronga Zoo in Sydney, is trialling his theory in the Okavango Delta in Botswana.

Brit Scientist 1

‘Lions are supreme ambush predators, they rely on stealth. When seen they lose this element of surprise and abandon their hunt,’ he said.

The idea is to trick the big cats into thinking they have been seen by drawing eyes on the back of the cows, so that they are intimidated and do not attack. The scientist has already carried out a small 3-month sample test of his theory, which gave promising results. ‘While 3 out of 39 unpainted cows were killed by lions, none of the 23 painted cows from the same herd were killed,’ he said.

Dr Jordan is now fundraising to be able to buy more of the equipment needed to carry out further tests. He hopes his idea will provide local farmers with a low-cost and non-lethal tool to reduce livestock losses without having to kill lions.

African lion populations are in decline throughout most of the continent. ‘In 1975 there was an estimated 250,000 lions in Africa, yet today the continent wide population stands at a mere 25 – 30,000 individuals. ‘This staggering 80-90 per cent decline combines with the fragmentation and isolation of those remaining sub-populations with little long-term viability,’ World Lion Day reports.





Source: dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3675414/British-scientist-stops-lions-hunting-cattle-Botswana-painting-faces-behinds.html dated 5 July 2016 vide sampspeak.in.



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