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Well… precision in expression is a virtue worth pursuing – now both engineers and non- can be more specific when you get screwed:-)))

Mechanical engineering network





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Theory 1

Theory 2

Theory 3



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This is what PrinceEA says and he is right:

(3.56 mins)

But then he misses the point why we do it….because we don’t want to show….

Things go better….without us around!!!

Kidding – he talks sense.




Source: Prince Ea thru Knowledge Is Power


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Leaving aside the party politics for the moment, it’s still an amazing case of innovative problem solving and communication the corporate’s would do well to look at its merit.

ToiletThis is election time in India with parties engaged in a fierce fight over voters’ mind-share.

The above is a message in this tussle coming from Prime-Minister Modi’s party BJP.

On the left is a panel depicting the state-of-affairs under the rule of the Congress Party that held sway for most years since independence, dominated by the Nehru family. It shows a man relieving himself publicly under a sign-board admonishing Don’t commit nuisance here‘. On the right is a panel intended to show the transformation achieved over last 55 months of BJP’s  rule. Here the sign points the offender-to-be to Use the toilet 50 feet away from the spot!

The difference in the approaches of problem-solving and its communication is so stark and brilliant!

Of course, it’s another matter to independently check on what the ground reality is.. Though the official claim is: 1.31 crores of public facilities were constructed in the state of Tamil Nadu during those 55 months of their rule under the Swatch Bharat campaign.



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