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duckhunter j4p4n

A Group Project Manager, HR Manager, Manager (Legal) went duck shooting with a trailing Project Manager .

A duck flew over, and the Group Project Manager aimed, but didn’t fire.

“Why didn’t you shoot?” asked the HR Manager, deferentially.

“Are you certain it was a duck,” answered the Group Project Manager. “It could have been another bird.”

Another duck flew over. the HR Manager aimed but didn’t fire.

“What now?” asked the Group Project Manager.

“Does the duck actually know it’s a duck?” asked the HR Manager.

Another duck flew over. The Manager (Legal) aimed, but didn’t fire. “This duck, I suspect, is a little larger than the limit stipulated in our permit,” he explained.

Another duck flew over. The {Project Manager pulled the gun out of the Manager(Legal)’s hand and fired.

“Are you sure it was a duck?” asked a slightly crossed Group Project Manager.

“We’ll find that out from our SME(Subject Matter Expert),” said the Project Manager.

On the way back, they met the Accounts Manager. He heard it all.

“You have used a shot one size too large, friend,” he said to the Project Manager.


Credits: openclipart (j4p4n)

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