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Found this amazing pic in Buzzfeed.

These kids are not queuing up for admission forms from a school or to receive some hand-outs from a local big-wig as is most likely in our land.

These are elementary-school students lining up for a yearbook-signature from the school janitor!!

There is no hint of where it happened.

Am fairly certain, it must be some place in US.  Could it happen anywhere else on earth?

Well, this jogs my memories about an ex-colleague of mine, A T Vijaykumar, fondly called, ATV.

Years ago, he sold Hewlett-Packard’s range of test and measuring instruments to large government customers in Bengaluru and later in other cities too. It was said of him in jest he could sell a double-bed to the Pope! But that was not all. At his customer site, he knew every ‘fly on the wall’ – guards, gardeners, lift operators, office-boys…He always had time during his visits to greet them warmly and make solicitous inquiries. No surprise he went on to be very successful in all that he endeavored?

I had a similar experience recently in my short visit to Chennai. I was treated to a ‘dheko’ by the indefatigable lady at the helm of operations at the renowned and venerable institution of Kalashektra. As she took me around, I saw her hailing the support staff – there were many to manage the sprawling complex and its activities – each by his/her name. At times it was them greeting her if they caught sight of her first. Not one tutored in management schools or groomed by corporate world, the lady is none other than the eminent and much acclaimed Bharata Natyam artiste, Priyadarshani Govind. Ever ready to jump into the ‘puddle’ with sleeves rolled up(!) quite unlike our cabin-bound executives and babu’s.  I missed asking her where from did she pick up these practices. So far we only knew these folks were given to king/queen-sized egos and abominable or often hilarious antics.


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