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A post in FB from Rajendra Inani reads:


November 19 at 4:11pm

Today, got a call today from Accounts Department asking for my address. Reason being, they want to send a cheque towards Superannuation. Upon asking that I have received my full payment 4 years back, I am told that there was some calculation error and they want to send the difference. It is a sizable sum and a pleasant surprise on Diwali.

Hats off to professional and ethical standards at BSIL. There is no way an ex-employee would come to know otherwise.

I believe it’s a long list of employees and may would have got the call.

Well, I’m not from the subject Accounts Department, have no role in this come-back and far far removed from action. I’m also not a beneficiary.

Why, then, do I feel good about it? 

Let’s not forget Raj trying to correct what he thought was a ‘mistake’ of double payment.


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