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I have always thought guys in US are unbelievably innocent  and  naive (CIA…excepted).

Where’s the proof, you may ask. Here I submit for your consideration:

I take you to the unfortunate incident of mindless violence and the regrettable loss of innocent lives – shooting at Orlando couple of days ago. The country is shocked and stunned.

For a moment, I turn away from the grief at ground-zero and elsewhere to speculate on the post-incident political fallout.

If the guys here had only learnt the ropes at the knees of the wily-guily grand-dads (neta’s) of Indian politics:

The Democrats in the first hour of the aftermath would have rushed to the media denouncing it as a diabolical move plotted and executed by the Republicans to muster sympathy and support for their proposed ban on immigration. For their part, the Republicans would claim they are on the verge of making public proof enough to show the assailant was a card-holding Democrat.

And the law-enforcers would draw bipartisan fire for not capturing the assailant alive to uncover the truth.

Ending the speculation here and getting back to the real, strangely none of these has happened at least when I read the first media reports.

Don’t know for sure if they have subsequently warmed up to the opportunities presented by this tragedy to score over their rivals, getting their cues from their Indian counterparts unsurpassed in demagogy and ‘statecraft’.

I rest my case.

You agree, never mind their century-or-two old institutions, they still have some catching up to do with us in the lead?




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