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Friends and relatives have been asking me how I am I doing. Well, if truth be told, it’s a dog’s life for most part without the collar or the leash – food served on time, napping on comfy bed, long walks under a balmy sky, a loving family, kidding with kids when they are in good humor, no trespassers to shoo away…Must pack up before I get ‘trained’ 🙂

The kids here are so straight and precise. I still have to unravel the nature of the ‘sauce’ they feed on. ‘I don’t know’ is often the answer when they really don’t. Kids back home are rarely short of a response, be it about black holes or the lost city of Atlantis. We in the orient – or, should I say in India – in all our lives comfortably cohabit with vagueness and ambiguity. What to speak of 50 shades of grey, even 500 of them don’t faze us. Don’t know if this is a virtue or a vice and how it shapes us in life.

Yesterday, off chance, when I looked out there was a huge fire-truck standing across the street and two officers trying to operate a water hydrant. There was no clanging of the bells or flashing crown lights. A tame scene with no crowd. And the officers seemed to be in no particular pressure. Intriguing until it was explained to me: it was nothing but a routine check held during peace time on the hydrants if they worked as intended.

The house next door, recently changed hands, had at the entrance rose plants in full bloom – more roses than leaves, palm-sized. A rank amateur, I still love taking snaps of flowers and trees – birds are too fleeting for me. Long ago I gave up on coaxing plants in pots after infamously killing countless specimens that looked so full of promise in the shop window. I was told by those in the know it was either heat of the sun, too much water, too little of nutrients or my thumb was not green – plain and simple. In this course came the eureka moment when I realized it is much less bother to admire a thing of beauty as a passer-by than own it, opening up much wider vistas in life. Am a lot happier looking at your multi-million dollar homes, master’s paintings, antique jewelry, haute couture dresses…or anyone else’s. At one stroke, life is a leisurely walk, quite liberating, not anything like the averred field for racing rodents.

Going back to neighbor’s impetuous roses:

asiatrvl com

This time I was not sure if it was okay to freeze them digitally, aware of the danger of it being construed as trespassing or invasion of privacy or whatever other laws in force. Emboldened by the sight of uncollected mails and news papers lying outside the main door, right or wrong, the deed was committed with great nervousness. Over the family dinner I mentioned it in passing. I was informed it was a normal and the easiest thing to spruce up the frontage of a on-sale property with off-the-shelf flowering plants! Whoever said commerce is dull and devoid of creativity?

More to follow:-)


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