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For some reason I love to listen to children explain their paintings. One gets to hear stuff much unexpected.

The first drawing is by N, my 10 year old g-d.

As is my wont, the Q-A session followed.

First take a look at the painting before I tell you what ran in her mind while working on it:

This piece – words are mine, thoughts hers – captures the entire time scale for the human race. Planet Earth hanging at the top left represents ‘The Past’, the exploring astronaut shows the human enterprise today, ‘The Present’; and, the future? You see the colonies on the middle left, those are to-come-soon ‘The Future’ settlements in the new frontiers. So it’s one chotu picture for the humankind’s entire ‘The Past’, ‘The Present’ and ‘The Future’!! Logarithmic scale for Time? What’s that?

That’s not all. There are two other interesting elements in the picture: a) The bright Sun at the top right blazing in full glory – very unusual in pictures of dark outer space – is the beacon of Hope for the race and b) the flag carried by the explorer in his hand signifies cooperative human endeavor containing the emblems of all the countries on Earth!

So much wordless eloquence in a few square inches of paper!!


The second piece is from another 10-year old, A, also a g-d. Here it was a little different. It was going to be a painting from her for her mom’s birthday. The theme: a party scene. Invitees: only animals because her mom liked them. She took out a drawing book and selected animals in postures, small and big. Starting with the table in the middle, the invitees stepped in one by one taking their seats, not crowding each other. The ‘Hidden Line’ problem – the near obscuring the far – was handled on the way! Finally when the ‘dish’ came out of the ‘kitchen’ it had all panned out well as she wanted it to be! While light on symbolism’s, the composition, by no means simple, was deftly put together, with so many guests all kept together and apart in good shape and humor!

Here it is:

Now to the interesting part – conversation with the artist over her creation. It was fun to see how the child, unprepared, played me unfazed.  Not stumped, her off-the-cuff responses – quite imaginative and sensible. Looks like they make children differently these days! Here we go:

No humans? “They don’t mix well with animals in parties“

I persisted – not even the birthday girl? Thought I got her this time. “You see, she (the birthday girl) is not in it because she’s the one taking a snap of them. See, they are all looking at her? Only the cow is a little startled by the flash.”

Are you sure  they’re having fun? “Don’t you see the cake and candles on the table, balloons and even caps on a few heads? There, I gave the bunny a new dress! Everyone at ease and posing for the shot. If you noticed, the turtle (or a tortoise?) is even wearing a grin, mighty happy with the proceedings!”

I also learnt alligators get invited too without fear because they behave themselves well on such occasions!


So it went on…enjoyed every bit of peering into those little minds thinking, and me ready and wanting to be surprised.


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