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In their book: ‘Smart Customers, Stupid Companies’, Bruce Kasanoff and Michael Hinshaw have this to say on CRM:

“…CRM doesn’t actually track relationships or experiences, it tracks transactions. As a result, CRM doesn’t take into account the customers’ views of the company, and doesn’t capture how these interactions make customers feel, much less what they want or need…”

“…It delivers an inside-out perspective that means the conclusions reached by companies about customer relationships are skewed, based on the interactions that occurred rather than the customer perceptions that resulted…”

“…While CRM can tell the company that two customers have the same set of interactions, it can’t tell which customer is delighted, and which feels trapped, upset, and may be actively bad-mouthing the company online. This is important information…”

Well said.

This three-rowed infographic below is produced in support of the above limitation of CRM:

The picture running from left to right vividly captures the sequence of interactions in a vanilla on-line buy.

The touchpoints used by the customer for the interactions mark the first row.

The second row shows the date-stamped dispassionate views of the interactions taken by the CRM.

And finally, the perception of the customer at the end of the interaction, unknown to CRM.

Intuitively, this kind of infographic could be enhanced and used vey effectively in very many situations, I thought. For starters, customer-centric communication: proposals, presentations…

Flowcharts, swim-lanes, sequence diagrams of UML and the like are hardly appropriate for the purpose.

I’m glad I found this one.


Source: senseofthefuture.com

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